About Me

“Obsessed with Florida? You’re in good company.”

Beyond itineraries, I aspire to be a beacon of inspiration. Whether you’re dreaming of a magical Disney vacation or a serene beachside retreat, I’m here to encourage you to take that leap towards making your Florida dreams a vivid reality.

About Gage – Your Florida Dreams Navigator

A Love Affair With Florida

Welcome to the sunshine-drenched corners of my world, where the dreams of endless summer come to life, and the magic of Florida is just a heartbeat away. I’m Gage, your guide, friend, and the enthusiastic navigator of your Florida dreams. Born under the snowy skies of Michigan, my journey led me to the endless summer of the Sunshine State, a place that captured my heart as a Make-A-Wish kid wandering the magical realms of Disney World.

From the iconic Disney mouse ears that first sparked my imagination to the hidden gems that keep it alight, Florida is not just a place I visit; it’s the place I live and breathe. Attractions, beaches, restaurants, and even the bustling real estate market – you name it, I’ve explored it, and I’m here to share it all with you.

Who is Gage:

The Dreamer and Doer

At 28, I’ve turned my childhood dreams into a canvas of inspiration and knowledge for others. Born in Michigan and a general business and marketing graduate, I’ve found my true calling in the vibrant landscapes of Florida. My heart beats for everything this state has to offer – from the thrill of Disney World to the tranquility of its beach towns. My ultimate dream? To live in Golden Oak Disney, where magic is a lifestyle. (ok ok, a guy can dream right?)

A Journey of Passion

My passion for Florida is deeply personal. My first trip to Disney World was as a Make-A-Wish kid, staying at Give Kids The World. That experience left an indelible mark on my heart, igniting a fire to explore every corner of Florida and share its wonders with the world. Alongside my mother April, I’ve become the voice behind the blogs you’ll find here, sharing insights on Florida’s attractions, vacation homes, travel tips, and much more.

More Than a Blogger

But I’m not just a blogger. I’m a storyteller, a problem solver, a real-estate junkie, and a band kid turned Disney drumline aspirant. My life’s soundtrack is as diverse as the destinations I explore, with a beat that’s always moving towards the next adventure. From thrilling rides to the Festival of Fantasy Parade, my experiences are as varied as they are vibrant.

A Heart for Helping

What sets me apart is not just my knowledge, but my desire to help others craft their own Florida stories. Whether you’re planning a trip, dreaming of a vacation home, or considering a move, I’m here to be your coach, your guide, and your friend. My blog is more than just a collection of tips and stories; it’s a resource for inspiration, motivation, and practical advice for anyone touched by the magic of Florida.

Join the Adventure

So, why stick around? Because here, you’ll find a community that’s as passionate about Florida as you are. You’ll discover fresh ideas, insightful guides, and endless resources to make your Florida dreams a reality. Whether you’re a first-timer, a seasoned visitor, or a fellow Florida enthusiast, there’s something here for you. Let’s embark on this journey together, sharing the love for palm trees, Pina coladas, and everything that makes Florida a slice of paradise on earth.

More about Gage:

Florida Enthusiast

My days are filled with the pursuit of all things Florida – from the adrenaline-pumping rides of Orlando to the tranquil sunsets over the Gulf Coast. My love for this place runs deep, and my mission is to share this love with you.

Dreamer & Realist

I understand the magic that draws millions to Florida each year – the escapism, the adventure, the joy. Yet, I also grasp the realities – the planning, budgeting, and decision-making. Balancing dreams with practicality is my forte.

Motivational Guide

Beyond itineraries, I aspire to be a beacon of inspiration. Whether you’re dreaming of a magical Disney vacation or a serene beachside retreat, I’m here to encourage you to take that leap towards making your Florida dreams a vivid reality.

Guardians Fanatic

Don’t be surprised if you catch me humming tunes from ‘Awesome Mix Vol.1’ while curating your perfect Epcot adventure. Yes, it’s my favorite park, and I’m not afraid to show it!

Relatable & Friendly

I’ve been where you are – on both sides of the Florida experience. Whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned visitor, I aim to be your trusted resource, guiding you through the Sunshine State with warmth and authenticity.

How I Can Help You Shine

  • Custom Itineraries: Together, we’ll design a journey that encapsulates all you desire, tailored just for you.
  • Budgeting & Savings Tips: Enjoy the splendors of Florida without the financial stress.
  • Hidden Gems & Insider Knowledge: Step off the beaten path and into the heart of Florida’s unique beauty.
  • Rental & Real Estate Insights: Dreaming of your own Florida oasis? Let me guide you.
  • Inspiration & Motivation: From planning to departure, let the excitement never fade.

My Promise To You

As your personal sunshine cheerleader, I promise to share my knowledge, passion, and genuine enthusiasm to ensure your Florida adventures are nothing short of unforgettable. From the planning stages to the moment you set foot in the Sunshine State, I’m here to illuminate your path to an incredible experience.

Let’s Embark On This Journey Together

Are you ready to make your Florida dreams a reality? Connect with me, share your aspirations, and let’s craft the perfect Florida experience together. Your adventure starts here, under the radiant Florida sun, where every day is a promise of new discoveries, joy, and endless sunshine.

Email: gage@findyoursunshineescape.com

Your Sunshine Navigator,

Welcome to our Florida adventure. Welcome to my world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: How did Gage’s journey with Florida begin? A1: Gage’s love affair with Florida started at the age of six during a transformative trip to Disney World, thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. This early experience ignited a lifelong passion for the Sunshine State, its culture, attractions, and hidden gems.

Q2: What can readers expect to find on Gage’s blog? A2: From detailed guides on Florida’s attractions, resorts, and beaches to insights on vacation homes, real estate, and local culture, readers will find a treasure trove of information. Gage also shares personal stories, travel hacks, packing tips, and inspirational itineraries tailored for various types of travelers.

Q3: Does Gage offer personalized travel advice or consultations? A3: Yes! Gage is passionate about helping others experience the best of Florida. He offers personalized travel advice and can help craft inspirational itineraries. For more detailed consultations, readers are encouraged to reach out via the contact page.

Q4: How can readers contribute to or collaborate with Gage’s blog? A4: Gage welcomes contributions and collaborations, whether it’s sharing your own Florida stories, tips, or partnering on a project. If you have an idea or story to share, please contact Gage through the blog’s contact form.

Q5: What makes Gage’s perspective on Florida unique? A5: Gage combines personal experiences, a deep love for all things Florida, and a professional background in marketing to provide comprehensive, engaging content. His journey from a Make-A-Wish kid to a Florida expert offers a heartfelt and knowledgeable perspective that resonates with a wide audience.

Q6: Is the content on Gage’s blog suitable for first-time visitors to Florida? A6: Absolutely! Gage’s blog is designed to be a valuable resource for first-time visitors, seasoned travelers, and locals alike. There’s something for everyone, from basic travel tips to deep dives into lesser-known attractions.

Q7: How often does Gage update the blog? A7: Gage is committed to providing fresh, engaging content regularly. While the frequency of posts may vary, readers can expect new insights, stories, and updates multiple times a month.

Q8: How can readers support Gage’s blog? A8: Readers can support the blog by sharing content, engaging with posts through comments, following Gage’s social media accounts, and recommending the blog to friends and family interested in Florida travel and lifestyle.

Q9: Does Gage cover topics beyond travel, such as living and working in Florida? A9: Yes, Gage’s expertise extends to living, working, and investing in Florida. The blog offers insights into the real estate market, local lifestyle, and opportunities for those considering making Florida their home.

Q10: How can readers get in touch with Gage for more information or inquiries? A10: For any inquiries, tips, or just to share your Florida experience, readers are encouraged to reach out via the blog’s contact page. Gage is always eager to connect with fellow Florida enthusiasts and looks forward to hearing from you.